img_8469About the Author

Melanie is a thirty-something-year-old writer living in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two preschool-aged daughters.

She’s been storytelling since she could talk and writing since she could use a pencil. She gave up writing for a while after receiving a B.S. in Communications (Advertising) from Boston University’s College of Communication. In July of 2016 she felt a call during a sermon to begin writing again and began the writing journey she is on now. She is currently working on her debut novel, and at the time of this writing is currently in the revision process of her first draft.

She also loves art and received a minor in Fine Art during college where she focused on graphic design. Her favorite authors are Charlotte Brontë, Hester Browne, Charles Dickens and Susanna Kearsley. She also collects antique books, with her favorite being an early edition of Little Lord Fauntleroy that belonged to her great-grandfather.

About the Blog

How it Began

The name “Verity and Violets” came to me in the summer of 2017, well before the start of this blog. I had originally intended to make it a natural lifestyle blog as a sequel to my former blog The Little Green Homemaker that I had quit several months before. But, the topic never rang true again, and I sat on the name for six months. When February of 2018 rolled around, I dusted off the name to use for a writing blog. At the time, I knew I wanted to write a blog following my writing journey, but I had no idea for my novel, just a vague notion that I knew I needed to write. Not long after I started the blog, my first idea came to me, and well, the rest is history.

The Name

I have named several blogs/small businesses throughout my adulthood, and I usually get asked the same thing each time: how did you come up with the name, and what does it mean?

The short definition of “verity” is “truth.” As you may well know if you read any number of my posts, I am a Christian. I knew I wanted my writing to be inline with my beliefs (in the Truth), so the name “verity” was an integral part of the naming process. In fact, I wanted to just use “verity,” but that, of course, was already taken. The “verity” aspect of my writing mushroomed into a whole other level too: I honed my purpose as a writer, and in doing so, I realized I want to write mainstream novels that highlight issues in our society. I want people to read my work and think about their role in these problems in our lives. I want to expose the truth and hopefully, nudge people to search for real Truth in their lives. (And, to be completely honest, “Verity” may or may not have been completely, 100% originally inspired by Poldark.)

As far as “violets” goes, it’s another multi-layered meaning. First, I just like flowers and nature and gardening. I also like the color purple. (Fun side note, three out of four blogs/businesses I have named have a color as part of the name.) But, past that, “Violet” is a family name from my husband’s side. We gave our oldest daughter the middle name “Violet” after my husband’s artistic great-grandmother. I liked the idea of including a nod toward family and also, a nod toward creativity. Writing and motherhood go hand-in-hand in my life.